extreme kawaii ginny, chapter five

extreme kawaii ginny
by 666_flaminghelldevils_antichrist_666

fangz (fangz, geddit XD) 4 all de gd kmments! juz wanna let u noe tht ure de only reson I contined 2 rite even thou im pregnent n evryting =D thkns 4 de fanrevews k! I dun kare abt fame or moniy, I just wanna rite n sae de story of nevil n ginnginn!


|–GOTH–>chpder FIVE<–HTOG–|

(hin: HTOG iz de opposit spellin of GOTH, do u geddit now? XD i lernt dese kind of wordplay skillz in my riting class! im now de best in de class, bt no i noe i hv lots of impvement, i just nid 2 werk a little harder XD)

swishing my dark blu haire (it becums blu at nitetime, bcos of sum magikal spell i shall revel in de chapter 28!!!! dis is calld 4shdowing i dink, its sumtink abt shawdos n 4play n litratur) i stroad out of de domitry with a loud manli roar 2 keep miself awak n brav. i knew i culdnt stand a chnce agenst nummbledur but den i remembrd abt ginny’s afce n den i brok into a smile n wlked on, grpping de family hairlom wif all my hands n wispering a little demonik chant i lernt in my favrite Demon Studes classes. (hint: im gd in dark magik n all de vumpire spells), suddnyl dere wuz a………….


“im professer peefs, whu is dat wakling around????” sed nun othr dan professer peefs! he wuz dressd in a tight hot leatard n leathr boots. ive alwayz hd a crush on him n gingin knows bt she noes shes my onyl true luv n de others can jst fk off so shes ok wif it :) but anwyay professer peefs mede a spell called Revel Humen Beings, n den he reveled……….


“u r nevil lojngbtotom de star studnt dat all de girls hv a crush on!” exclamed proffesser peefs who recoled in shock. “wat r u dng in de nigtetime!”

i sed “proffesser peefs, i nid2 fite dumredreo now bcos othrewise he’ll marry gingin my swithart, pls let mi go!”

“hmm lemme see…… NO!” prpfesser peefs sed in a mean way, stiking his tonge out at me. just den, i poknted de finger at him n shuted de curse, “techernobilous goawaybilous!” wich wuz a high-level dark magik curse, n he flew awae in a huff n puff. i smild in a trimfant mannar n walkd on. littel did i noe……… dat dis wuz actualy harryputters; devous TRICK!

“STOP” scremed dumbledores voice. dumbldore appered in frunt of mi. den he reveled hismask. he wuz……. not dumbeore!

it wuz HARRY PUTER!!!!!!!!!!!! his eyes wer black like de blak hole (see, dis is calld a simle, it is liek saying sumthink is liek somethin”! it is highlevel riting, i juz lernt ytresterdae XD)


de finel showdown btwn harry puter n nevil! wht happend? why is ir harry? not dubmlredore? STAG TUNED 2 FIN OUYT MORE XD (dis is called clifhangar!) thnks hubby 4 betareding =DD


One response to “extreme kawaii ginny, chapter five

  1. ths si to hard to red te simie an 4shdowng makes it very confucius

    i dun care about dumbdoor or hary gimmie mor gini plsplspls i wan to se mor nevilxgini

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