I know, I know. Sometimes, you’ve read every single thing on my blog, and are waiting for more chapters. And the feeling of – WAITING without any certainty for the next chapter can be excruciating!

That’s the reason for this page. To update all readers on the status for every single piece of news, and such, and so that you get an idea when the next chapter will be out. I might also post some previews for the next installment! Feel free to leave comments if you really want a specific fic chapter, so that I can prioritise according to demand. Every comment counts! :)

Latest news of any consequence

25 February 07 – Created this blog. Doh.
23 March – Great Blog Revamp 1.0. Converted my stories from static pages to posts, for convenience and easy sustainability.
24 March – Au contraire, converted status reports from posts to a static page, which is THIS! Yay!
18 July 08 – Did some editing of the static pages. Has since decided to focus on The Ubers. Esplanade Chee remains untouched!

Story progress rate

I have been reworking The Ubers. I find it really has lots of potential. I’m done with Prologue and Chapter One but I don’t want to post it up without ample editing and such. Meanwhile this place remains dead. Visit the other people in the Ficblogging Ring! pizzat and luminodrake have much more updated blogs.

The Great Blog Revamp 1.0 (23 March 07)

On March 23, I revamped everything except the stories. Sort of. And a cool professional ficblog, I shall list down the updates and changes for whatever use.

  • Fic chapters not in pages anymore, but in posts. Categorized under respective story names.
  • Main page of ficblog is now a Welcome page, for noobs to learn more.
  • Status reports are now not on the main page, obviously. They’re categorized under “Status!” category.
  • Custom header! Yay! I love custom header WP skins.

I want more comments! I deleted all the previous pages, so all the comments are GONE. :( Never mind. All the BIG websites go through changes like this too! (*makes false analogy and concludes that this is a BIG website*)

Oh, and comment about the new look and all! I know, I know, this is not a template I made myself, but something I koped from WordPress. But does it look nice? Etc. PLEASE COMMENT! Every comment counts!


3 responses to “Status

  1. …And what’s the purpose of putting each chapter in posts? You despise pages right?

  2. Huh… too many pages spoil the broth. It will make the page list super long and messy! Posts… make use of the category function. How do you find the snippet function I used?

    Only grouse: you can’t make it so that oldest posts first! It makes no sense having chapter one at the bottom. So… that’s another one of the few ways Blogger owns WP. Haix.

    I was thinking of moving my REAL, PERSONAL blog to WP! Who seconds that?

  3. Okay I can’t believe I only moved my blog to WP a year after I said that. Retrospection is amusing. And so is my Sec 3 self.

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