extreme kawaii ginny, chapter four

extreme kawaii ginny
by 666_flaminghelldevils_antichrist_666

i dun care wat all de bad commnts r saynig i’ll jus kep riting 4 my fans! GOTH FTW! (btw i hide the words goth ni de title below can u see it? :P i m so sneky sumtimes XD) hint it is in breckets!!!

X[[[goth]]]XXchapter fourXX[[[goth]]]X

dumledore reveled evryding 2 us! he sed he had fall in luv with giny longtime ago n dats why hes been spying on gniy in the bathrm n bedrom! he use harry potter (WHO IS DE PRICK!)’S clok of invisiblity to spy on giny! wen he finish his story we weer all slient not even saying a word liek “oh my devil” (giny n i liek to sae tht, were goffik we worship de devils geddit! xD)

den dumbledore break the slience. he sudenly laffed EVILLY! “snice i m de hadmaster i can do anyding i wan! so i will take giny n MARRY her! bwahaha!” he laffed with an evil undertone (liek he wuz a vampre, except he wasnt bcos vamprires are cool n he wuz uncool =P) den this made both of us luvrs vry upset bcos we were to be braken up liek romo n julet in dat rmonatic disney show!

den i screamed manly. “if u wanna mary giny, ull hav 2 get past me FIRST!!!!” liek the action movies in de cinema, den dumbleredor lookd shockd bcos he did not aspect me 2 defy his orders. “ok den we will hv a duel in de dark 2nite! in de Evil Deep Dark Dungeno!” n he sweeped his cloak dramticaly n ran away using de magic spell!

i wuz vry scared n bursted into tears! i know men dun cry, dey only bled, but i am a sensitve n romantc boy so i rly cried! den giny used her braviest voice (even tho i knew dat she wuz also scared 4 me, she wuz liek shivering all over her body) n sed “i noe nevile will defionteiyly win dumbeldre! bcos good will trimkph over evil!” n dis encouraged me n so i prayed 2 satan (im satanist, geddit?) n asked him 2 help me fite de evil spirits n i kissd giny 2 surprise her n we made luv until de nightime, we even skiped potions class bcos we hated snap n nothink could step in our way!

den de sun slowly sank into beneath de vast green montains n de enormous yllow moon cam up 2 de sky. (see im using figrative langugae i lerned it frm my riting class xD) n me n giny knew dat i had 2 go fite dumbledroe in de dungeon now!!!

den giny went 2 her bagpack n she took out a giantic metal club. “here nevile” she sed romatnically in a hartwarming tone “dis is my wesley family hairlom it is a giantic metal club, i m giving it 2 u in case u dont survive de fight!” i jus took de giganic metal club n left de dormitry. little does i noe dat de metal club wud help me in de fite aginst dumbledreo!

i went out of de domitry n headed 2wards de dungenos. fear waits 4 no one, it is de dark ting hidin in de universe. (see dats an insprational quote i didnt copy it from anywhere else i made it miself! xD i lernt how to mak inspirational quotes in my riting class also, my class is vry good n inproved my riting skillz alot! hehe)

hows dis chappy? nevile wil go fite de evil dumbldoer 2 win over de hawt giny! who will win??? (lemme giv u a hint de winners name starts with “N” :D)


4 responses to “extreme kawaii ginny, chapter four

  1. OMG DUN TEL ME DAT NUMBELDUR WINS?! LAWL i juz reelise dat if u poot a “D” in nevils nem he becums DEVIL LOL IZN DAT KEWL!!

    i luvvv ur storees kip riting n i cudn c da [[goth]] untill u tode me dat it wuz hidan in da brakertz!!11 ROFL enywai dun let dose PREPFCRUKERS diss-entourage u cuz goffs RAWK!! LOL




  3. D: I’m speechless,.

  4. OMGF R U SPEECGELES N CRYIGN??? i’m sry bt mi riting techer sed i hd 2 rite sad storys 2 expres mi soul n feelinks!

    FANGS (GEDDIT, WAMPIRE FANGS) 4 ALL DE GD COMMNTS XD LUV YA GUYS ROCK ON IN HELL XD (sry 4 nt updting in 8 mnths, i gt marred to mi bf petr n i’m pregnent so i’m a littel busy, SRY. peter is a suppotive husband except wen he beats mi, i luvs him! im gonna nam de son nevil if hes a son or kawaii-ginny if hes a gurl! NOCE AGEN FANGS!!!!!!!!11111

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