This page is for teh noob newb newcomer! Read to be enlightened.

*cackles evilly so you’d feel scared*

Intro, and long rambling story

I figured that I needed a ficblog to publish all my random, emo, happy shiny, fics, for all to enjoy. And, ding! WordPress enables me to do everything I need to do! You can sign up free at wordpress.com, where we *strongly suggest* that you buy WordPress credits to do extra stuff! They’re, super cheap! Whee! Get WORDPRESS NOW ZOMG.

Ok, ad over. So, I can’t really say much, can I? I just upload my fics when I finish them. I have a few fics, and most of them go by chapters. Then there are one-shot stories/articles. Those are cool, and mostly inspired

Yep. Please click on the links here and there to proceed. Please leave your comments! At MCW, our mantra is “Every comment counts!” Or something like that.

Large range of stories. Meh.

Currently, the LONG stories I have are:

  • Esplanade Chee – about arrogant GEP boy. Inspired by myself. Haha. Not really lah.
  • The Ubers – super hero fic! Woo… super powers and gadgetry!!!!111

That’s all. I want to start many stories, of course, but that would mean less frequent updates for a specific story, and fans wouldn’t like that, would they?

T3h Ficblog Ring

You may have noticed a few inconspicuous links right at the bottom of the sidebar. Those names are the other ficblogs of the ficblogging ring! Naturally, I, as the first ficblogger, influenced people with my IMBA Influence of Aura. I am aiming to create a ficblogging ring, of many cool and 1337 ficbloggers, so that we can all link each other and comment on everyone else’s fics! So, if you’re interested (and leet), or better still: already have some sort of a ficblog, contact me by posting comments anywhere in this blog! You don’t have to use WordPress, or use my way of publishing stories. You just need a ficblog and you are allowed to join the club! Yay!

Brief Blog history

Some day in February 2007 – Created the fic blog. It was originally meant just to post my signature fic, Esplanade Chee, but I figured, might as well post everything here!
23 March 2007 – Great Blog Revamp 1.0! Basically, I had too many static pages and it was cluttering. So I converted all of them to posts, inspired by pizzat’s idea (he’s a ficblogger!), and created this welcome page too!
18 July 2008 – Came back and did some maintenance. Though I haven’t really updated or anything!

More in the Status page.


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