The writer

Matthew has always wanted to be a writer. I would embark on a few paragraphs of tedious explanation, but you guys don’t want to read it and I don’t want to write it, so I guess that works fine for everyone. Suffice it to say that this is a blog I set up in early 2007 to post up my works. They aren’t really good or anything, which is why they’re on a blog and not in a book or Over-Glorified School Publication, but writing isn’t about being good. It’s about being… trying to be good. Did I make sense? Why did I transit from third-person to first-person anyway?

Anyway, this blog isn’t regularly updated because it isn’t his main blog. He also has a blog with poems which is even less regularly updated than this one. The poems are even more horrible than the stories here so he shan’t link the blog here. He also has lots of other blogs, not all public, not all sane. What else do you want to know about him? AND I’M IN THIRD-PERSON AGAIN. Okay the previous sentence was in first-person. And the previous sentence was ambiguously-personed. This is getting stupid.

I am sticking to first-person, and I, Matthew, was sixteen in 2008, which means that since this is the year [insert variable year], I should be [variable year – 2008 + 16] years old! If you have any more questions for me please leave a comment. I will respond to the best of my ability. Which isn’t much.

Last edited on 18 July 2008.


5 responses to “The writer

  1. *leaves highly assholey and insulting comment about your profile. I mean, my profile. I’m a masochist, remember?*

  2. Please fix your blog link so that I can bloghop instead of:
    -Logging into WordPress using IE
    -Actually entering your URL into the address bar.

    Thank you.

  3. Done. And why’d you check this blog anyway? I haven’t updated in ages.

  4. So as to console myself that these two other guys are also slacking off rather than posting new stuff.

    post post post! I will post something tomorrow night. Or the day after.

  5. I am busy.

    Doing nothing.

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