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Ubers – Chapter 2

The second day, Peter, still confused by the events of the previous day, decided to arrive for work at eight. It was the same thing as before, though: As soon as he walked in, Grundle tapped him on the shoulder and told him what to do for that day. He borrowed a chair from the coffeeshop and began to work.

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Ubers – Chapter 1

It was five-thirty in the morning, but Peter saw fit to wake up at the time, as evident from his three screaming alarm clocks on his petite wooden bedside table. He slapped the snooze button on all three, but when they rang a second time five minutes later, he cursed, and got up. He fumbled for his grey trousers on the clothes rack, and then the blue shirt, which had a black tie noosed around it.

By five-fifty, he was ready to go. It was a little early, but he had always been told by his parents that it paid to make a good impression on the first day of work.

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Ubers – Prologue

And after thirty long years they reopened the Circle.

But was it enough?

Every uber needs a writer.

And that writer is me! Yay! I hero.

I had many inspirations for this story idea about superheroes.

There is this superhero name generator thing which I tried. They also feature your gadgets, which I feel is a crucial part of ALL superheroes! ie. Batman is a superhero, Superman is just a freaky alien (which he is.) I mean, what’s the point of having superstrength and such if you can’t even stop yourself from getting weakened by a piece of green alien rock?

OK. I shan’t explain more. Enjoy the story. I know that I have much to improve on my writing style, but I really like the idea of the Ubers. Please give appropriate comments!