EC – Chapter 3

In Term One Week Two, the form teacher, who had long gotten over her shock, and now upheld a semblance of control over the class (owing to the fact that she became submissive and withdrawn after the first day, only calling out instructions that agreed with everyone), called the class for a meeting. She called it a meeting. In truth, it was just a casual gathering around her table.

The past week had been an eye-opener for me. Expecting the class to be a gathering of great minds, I was surprised to see that Elaine, my partner, was not the only one in the class to be incapable of restraining self from acting like a total mongoloid. At math, half the class struggled at logarithms, and a third even failed the pop quiz on Friday!

I got joint highest, for the first time in my life. Conrad Zhong got 15/15 too. The humiliation was too much to bear, but apparently, he was also distraught, leaving me to reckon that he had always enjoyed being the smartest in class previously, like me.

Anyway, the meeting was something about holding a class vote to decide who the class monitor should be. Personally, I have zero interest in being one of those “fake” leaders in class or school. I was group leader twice previously, and hated the ordeal of having the other group members to “pass up” their work to me, being handing the work to the stupid grinning teacher. However, I knew that I had to get the monitorial position the second Conrad whispered to himself, “I will be monitor!”


“Alright, young professors!” the teacher called out in her shrill voice. “The registration for the Class Monitor position is… OVER!” She giggled stupidly. “We have three candidates who have volunteered themselves, and they are: Conrad, Pin De, and Esplanade!” Conrad stared at me, before breaking into a smirk. The idiot. I knew he would do something… underhand, and his smirk just confirmed my suspicions.

“Okay, everyone. The voting will begin today! Everyone, you have exactly one week to decide who to vote for. I personally endorse Pin De, as other than being my cousin’s son, he is also a conscientious student, and has handed in all his homework so far!” I glanced at Pin De, who looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I almost laughed out loud, knowing that the teacher’s “endorsement” had just killed off any chances Pin De had of being the monitor. It was now a two-way battle.

Between Conrad and I.

And I would win. Because I was smarter.


The next day, the average latecomer might have been forgiven for thinking that the school had painted itself red and blue. For I had taken the liberty of pasting red posters with my face, and the words “ESPLANADE CHEE FOR MONITOR OF CLASS 4N” on them. Conrad, at about the same time, worked from the other side of school, pasting his pathetic blue posters. We met at around 5.50pm in the middle of the school, and dismissed the other with waves that tried to seem unbothered. In truth, I was slightly scared. I had never come across such a person… so similar to me.

Additionally, I had brought a large box of Chupa Chups. From my knowledge of ten years, I had observed that peers were often seduced by sweets and food in general. After morning assembly (which ended in the principal commenting sarcastically on the poster-filled walls), I left a Chupa Chup on everyone’s table, and when everyone noticed them, I cleared my throat and said “Thought you guys might want a refresher.” Conrad had not entered the class yet. My plan had succeeded, and I now had the upper hand! However, it was not time to rest. There were still four more days to go.

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22 responses to “EC – Chapter 3

  1. haha! great! but there are some grammatical errors. i like the part with the teach endorsing pin de!

  2. I like that part too! I might feature Pin De more next time. Maybe he turns out gangster or something. Because of his traumatising past of too much pressure placed on him!

  3. lol so ironic. MEI YOU PIN DE!

  4. Lawl competitive atmosphere.

  5. wtf is a chup-a-chup?

  6. Uh, lolly brand.

  7. One of the most popular lollipop brands around.

  8. o.o make him lose! =(

  9. Hey… why is no one posting comments? =( I know many people read.

  10. lol i just realised it’s chupa chups. you might want to change that. (or not. a fictional brand does as fine as a fictional school.)

  11. esplanade chee is sooo you! HAHAHAHA but its very funny. i liked the part where electing a monitor became a prefectorial campaigning.

  12. Moot we want more (Moor we want more)

  13. who’s ytoom? (yetoooooooooooooooom! >_>) haha! i love saying ytoom!

  14. Lol. Who’s ytoom… It must be yet another part of my rabid fanbase.

  15. :V I wan some of urs j/k

  16. YTOOM! i YTOOM YOU!!!!

  17. lol mooty and ytoom.

  18. oh yes. never noticed that. *shoots self*



  19. You didn’t? Hahaha!

    Anyway, thanks for reviving a dead comment thread! Lol. You made it 20 comments!

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