Little Red Riding Wolf

This is a test story to test the ‘page parent’ function. It’ll probably remain here, for nostalgic purposes.

So, here’s the story. Feel free to post comments.

(Edit: this was created before the Giant Blog Revamp 1.0. So references to the page parent function don’t and won’t make sense anymore. ANYMORE!)


Once upon a time, there was a Little Red Riding Wolf. It was little, red, a wolf, and it loved to ride. Like, ride a bike. Except that he rode stories. His father was also a rider like him, and his father was very successful, winning the Nobel Prize for Lit because of his ridings.

So, one day, Little Red Riding Wolf was in class, and the teacher asked him to ride a compo. So he took out his wolfskin quill, and started to ride.

The next day, the teacher returned everyone their ridings. Little Red Riding Wolf got 99/100. The comments of the teacher were: “Nice piece of writing, but spelling sucks.”


I wrote this in five minutes and impromptu. Give comments kthx. See, I so cool, I use slang.


7 responses to “Little Red Riding Wolf

  1. I see the post above has a suspicious link and advice the removal of such stuff.

  2. The link is a dead link… lol.

    Wow, this site already has 1772 hits! Even though I haven’t updated since whenever.

  3. Your last update was: Never Ago

  4. lol never ago. sounds like a game lol. O_o

  5. Really? Sounds like antivirus programs to me.

    To remove the virus, we advise you to wipe the drive clean.

    Your last backup was: Never Ago

    Continue? Y/N

  6. no it sounds like a lame named game! (omg rhyme) e.g.


    or like some other game… to the effect of trying to be deep but failing horribly.

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