Every uber needs a writer.

And that writer is me! Yay! I hero.

I had many inspirations for this story idea about superheroes.

There is this superhero name generator thing which I tried. They also feature your gadgets, which I feel is a crucial part of ALL superheroes! ie. Batman is a superhero, Superman is just a freaky alien (which he is.) I mean, what’s the point of having superstrength and such if you can’t even stop yourself from getting weakened by a piece of green alien rock?

OK. I shan’t explain more. Enjoy the story. I know that I have much to improve on my writing style, but I really like the idea of the Ubers. Please give appropriate comments!


2 responses to “Every uber needs a writer.

  1. *cough* needs more rewritten prologue + chapter 1 *cough*

    seriously, when are you gonna put it up? =P

  2. sekai no owari de~

    (I tried writing something about two parallel graphs intersecting, but it gave Akismet a headache :C)

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