Dreams come true!

Now, I know many of you, while skilled essay writers and all, have no idea how to write totally senseless and baseless and banal chain mails. Let mooty show you! (oh, and comment kthx! I shall improve on it, and eventually send it out. Haha.)

Guys check this out it works my aunt sent it to me and she just struck lottery

>>Forwarded from: bob carson

omg it really works! i thought it was just fake but i sent it anyway because i just send on most stuff i get and my crush asked me out the next day! right now we are a month into the relationship, still going strong! also, my father won a car in a mall lucky draw and my mom got a huge payrise two days after i sent the mail! SEND IT NOW!

>>Forwarded message (from Genetics Co.):

You must be thinking this is a chain mail, like the others, but YOU ARE WRONG. I do not have to tell you why and how this one works, but it’s some agreement made between Generics Co. and the government, and this is the beta test and it has been working without a single slip-up!

What is the catch? Nothing! Some of the scientists started sending this out and it has been sent to you because someone wanted you to have good luck too. You just have to send this to at least 10 people to have an okay life! We have proof to back this up people:

Case study 1
John was a teen like any normal teen. He loved basketball but his studies suffered because of his trainings, and his results started deproving. He also had a crush on Jennie, the girl in his class. However, Jennie had many suitors and she already had a boyfriend. he received this mail and he forwarded it, because that is what he does to chain mails. The next day, during basketball training, coach made him the captain because the captain left for another school the day before for unknown reasons! Jennie suddenly talked to him in class and they agreed to go out together! When he reached home he received a letter, that he won a basketball scholarship to a prestigious college.

Case study 2
Allan was a popular student in school. He had good grades and a girlfriend. Many people sent him this email and he deleted them all straightaway because he hated chain mails. The next day, his girlfriend broke up with him for no apparent reason. He was caught cheating in a test (he always got away with it before that) on the same day. Two days later his father died of a heart attack even though he had been healthy all the while.

Case study 3
Polly (not her real name) was a twenty-six year old worker at a law firm. She was struggling and she got kicked out of the firm because of bad performances. While checking her email one day, she received this email and she immediately forwarded it to 20 of her closest friends. Seven days later, she received a phone call asking her to go for a job interview. It was one of the biggest companies and she had no idea how they had her particulars. She went for the interview and got in. She kept getting promoted, earned enough money and started her own business just two years later. She is now a famous celebrity who appears on TV often.

I am not forcing you to send this mail. It’s your loss.


Follow these steps and you will be lucky all your life!
1. Get a piece of paper.
2. Write down the name of your crush.
3. Write down the name of your best pals.
4. Write down three things you would like to do in the future.
5. Write down the names of ten people closest to you.
6. Send this mail to at least 10 people!

Send this to:
0-4 ppl – Your life will be ridden with bad luck!!! Your crush will hate you.
5-9 ppl – Nothing good, nothing bad. Your life will progress as per normal.
10-14 ppl – Things will change for the better and your crush will take the initiative to talk to you.
15-19 ppl – Everything you do will be blessed with good luck and your crush will call you tomorrow!
More than 20 ppl – You and everyone around you will have good luck whatever they do and your crush will call you later to say he/she loves you!


3 responses to “Dreams come true!

  1. oh god.
    authentic spam.

  2. You can send it if you want to… too lazy to do it right now. Just tell me the results! Like, if you receive a lot of this back. Doubt it though. The “plot” is so screwed up, even for a chain mail.


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